Accelerate Mobile Adoption

Today’s invasive and restrictive mobile security solutions are a barrier to app adoption – and business productivity.  Blue Cedar changes all that, vastly simplifying how data is secured in today’s mobile world.

With Blue Cedar, security is embedded deep in your enterprise app, eliminating the need for containers, agents and standalone security apps that obstruct usage and compromise privacy.


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Secure an app in minutes, without writing code.

The Blue Cedar console injects code into any unsigned app binary, whether it's a native, hybrid or web app.  Simply upload an app, choose policies, and your app can be secured in minutes.  No coding required.  Sign the app in the console or export for off-box signing.

Security injection is also exposed as a service using RESTful APIs, so Blue Cedar functionality can be integrated into your existing software development lifecycle.


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"Blue Cedar has staked out a clear position that the app is the logical endpoint that CISOs should protect."

Matt Recupito Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.


Security that follows the app wherever it goes.

The Blue Cedar injectible is "per-app" security that is unlike any other.  We inject a full IP stack, IPSec client, secure web stack, and FIPS-compliant crypto module into every app!  This code enforces enterprise policy around authentication, encryption, data sharing, and device posture. It’s embedded deep inside the app, so users don’t even know it’s there. True “tap-and-go” ease-of-use.  

Blue Cedar-secured apps can be distributed to any user via enterprise or public app stores, so everyone can benefit from secure mobility.


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Secure microtunnel connectivity to data wherever it resides.

Blue Cedar’s gateway enables secure access to trusted infrastructure, and is available as a soft appliance or in a hardened, 1U form factor. It enables per-app microtunnel connections that encrypt data-in-transit, and is designed specifically to handle the unique needs of mobility: Transient app-level microtunnels rather than the long-life, device-level VPN connections that have long been the foundation of corporate remote access.

Blue Cedar integrates with enterprise IAM, SIEM and PKI infrastructure so you can be up and running quickly, without exposing critical infrastructure to the public network.


Download The Atlas QuickStart Datasheet