The Atlas Platform reimagines how app security is delivered. It works from the underlying premise that most devices will be unmanaged and should be assumed to have been compromised. With that design constraint in mind, Atlas has been built to provide the strongest level of app security, combined with unprecedented ease-of-use, without using a device agent or managing the device in any way.

The end result is that you get a security architecture that meets the most stringent InfoSec requirements while still giving users a seamless experience that ensures that your organization's apps will not only get deployed and downloaded, but enthusiastically consumed by your end users.


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Client Architecture

Atlas delivers on the promise of agentless deployment by integrating security where it belongs - right in the app itself. Atlas delivers this through two consumption models. If you have access to the unsigned binaries that you want to secure, you can use a GUI to select the policies you need, and the MAP Engine will inject the appropriate security logic into your app directly, without requiring any programming or other modification.

For those scenarios where it's not possible to have access to the unsigned binaries, the same capabilities are exposed through the MAP SDK and can be built into the app at development time.


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"With its Atlas platform, Blue Cedar Networks has staked out a clear position that the app is also the logical endpoint that CISOs should protect."

Matt Recupito Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.


The Atlas Gateway is the heart of the Atlas Platform. It is purpose-built technology that protects your network edge, terminates secure connections from your apps, and serves as a broker between those apps and the systems of record and systems of value with which they need to interact.

For large-scale deployments, the Atlas Gateway is delivered as an engineered system in a 1RU form factor with low power consumption and cooling requirements, that still provides blazing crypto-acceleration and is capable of handling up to 250,000 concurrent connections from one appliance.

For cloud-based and other deployments, it is also available as a Virtual Gateway that is functionally equivalent to its hardware-based counterpart.


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Lifecycle Management Services

Getting your apps into the hands of your users in a secure and easy manner is a fundamental part of a strong security strategy. The Atlas Platform delivers full App Lifecycle Management Services, including a state-of-the-art Enterprise App Store, which makes it painless for your users, both employees and non-employees, to get access to the apps they need. 

You can also use this cloud-based service to track and manage app revisions and ultimately retire certain apps when necessary. 


Download The Atlas Platform Datasheet