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Sep 13, 2017 | Author: Blue Cedar

Lockheed Martin and Blue Cedar: A Secure Combination

We’re delighted to announce our strategic relationship with Lockheed Martin, which has chosen our mobile security technology to be included in its Universal Communications Platform (UCP) app. The UCP integrates all types of fixed and mobile radio systems so that multiple agencies can communicate seamlessly, regardless of their specific radio systems. Our relationship will enable users to communicate securely from their own iOS and Android devices with UPC users—such as deployed military, first responders, or remote commercial operations teams—on secured radio networks.


This is a first for Blue Cedar and it solves the challenge of securely bridging existing IP and radio environments to expand accessibility without compromising security. Lockheed Martin is also distributing the Blue Cedar platform to customers through solutions that meet a wide range of mobile security needs. With Blue Cedar security and encryption capabilities now available to UCP app customers—the sky is the limit for remote, secure mobile communications.


Read the press release about how Lockheed Martin is using and distributing Blue Cedar technology at https://www.bluecedar.com/press-releases/lockheed-martin-selects-blue-cedar-to-secure-its-universal-communications-platform-ucp-communicator-mobile-app.


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