Mobile App Security

For Arxan-managed apps


Blue Cedar Accelerators for Arxan

Blue Cedar's Accelerators for Arxan provide a no-code way to use the Blue Cedar Platform to embed mobile app security and controls into Arxan-managed mobile apps to protect locally-stored app data and secure unauthorized access to remote enterprise resources.

Integrate enterprise grade security into any app.

Accelerator for Arxan App Management - Data

The Blue Cedar Accelerator for Arxan App Management - Data allows developers to inject device-independent cryptography into mobile apps to secure locally-stored app data, along with IT controls over that mobile app data. Zero coding and zero SecDevOps resources are required. All it takes is a single click to ensure security controls over sensitive data, even on devices not under mobile device management (MDM).

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Accelerator for Arxan App Management - Connect

The Blue Cedar Accelerator for Arxan App Management - Connect provides a no-code way to provide in-app VPN connections in mobile apps, allowing IT to control the backend services to which apps connect. This accelerator is well suited for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments as traffic from Arxan-managed mobile apps is kept separate and under IT control and does not impact the use of personal apps.

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