Mobile App Security

For data at rest and data in transit

Blue Cedar's Secure Edge Accelerators

Blue Cedar's Secure Edge Accelerators plug into the Blue Cedar Platform to provide a no-code way to embed device-independent app security for locally stored data, and to enable ISV and custom apps with controlled access to enterprise resources behind the corporate firewall, even from non-managed devices.

Seamlessly protect your organization's most valuable assets

— data at rest, data in transit or data in use.


The Blue Cedar Accelerator for Secure Edge Data automatically embeds security for app data stored locally on the device, providing IT with app-level controls regardless of whether the device is under mobile device management (MDM) or not.

In addition to using mobile data encryption, which is device-independent, this accelerator also delivers fingerprint and PIN/passphrase app authentication and jailbreak/root detection. So whether it is encrypted data on iPhone, or android data encryption, you are secure to the edge.

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The Blue Cedar Accelerator for Secure Edge Connect enables ISV and custom apps to have secure access to your trusted infrastructure and critical data. It is designed specifically to handle the unique needs of mobile and edge environments by establishing transient app-level micro tunnels.

There is no longer the need for long-life device-level VPN connections that have been the foundation of corporate remote access, which makes access management effortless.

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