Blue Cedar Enforce
Blue Cedar Enforce

Mobile App Security

Blue Cedar Enforce mobile app security provides IT the ability to protect corporate data while enabling end users the freedom to be productive on any device.
Device-Independent Encryption
Secure locally stored app data with device-independent AES-256 cryptography, providing protection even if the device is compromised.
Define the device attributes that must be met before a secured app can launch or come to the foreground. Specify the minimum version of the mobile operating system needed on the device. Require that a PIN, password, or pattern be set to unlock the device. Prevent the app from launching or running if the device is jailbroken or rooted. Check the device for tampering and ensure that the secured app has not been modified.
Device Posture
Local Deployment
Control how an end user authenticates to a secured app. Require PIN, passphrase or fingerprint authentication. Enforce PIN/passphrase complexity and aging. Prevent PIN/passphrase reuse. Set inactive app time after which an end user must reauthenticate to a secured app. Lock an end user out of a secured app after a specified number of failed login attempts.
Data Loss
Prevent loss of corporate data from protected apps with a number of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls. Disable copying from secured apps to unsecured apps. Disallow drag and drop of text, files, and images from secured apps to unsecured apps. Restrict opening of links and attachments in unsecured apps only if they are approved. Block app information from appearing in the app switcher on iOS and Android by using privacy screens, and disable screenshots on Android.
Data Loss Prevention