Blue Cedar Enforce
Blue Cedar Enforce

Mobile RASP and Data Protection

Blue Cedar Enforce provides Mobile RASP and data protection with on-device policy enforcement even when offline.
Blue Cedar Enforce delivers Mobile RASP (runtime application self-protection) capabilities to monitor and defend apps against exploits and attacks in real-time. Mobile RASP enables self-monitoring for suspicious behaviors and self-defense against techniques like app tampering, hooking, injection, jailbreak/rooting, MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks, and unauthorized debugging. It continuously monitors memory, network traffic, file system, and more to identify and block threats.
Protect the Runtime
Protect the Data
Blue Cedar Enforce’s robust data protection capabilities safeguards sensitive mobile app data. Device-independent AES-256 encryption secures locally stored data, protecting it even if the device is compromised. Device posture policies ensure secured apps only launch or come to the foreground when certain requirements are met, like PIN locks or minimum OS versions. Additional controls provide layered security for app data, including authentication, data loss prevention, and blocking screenshot capabilities.