Create Self-Protecting Mobile Apps

Use the Blue Cedar Platform, an easy-to-consume DevSecOps platform, to realize how simple it can be to add security to already compiled mobile apps. 

Upload an app or import it from your CI/CD pipeline. Select the security to add. Click to modify, sign and distribute.

It's that simple.

The Blue Cedar Platform includes the Blue Cedar Enhance service, which makes it easy to add BlackBerry Dynamics, Microsoft Intune & Microsoft Authentication, and Blue Cedar Mobile App Security to mobile apps without having to write any code. 

Blue Cedar App Security, which is delivered through the Blue Cedar Platform, provides data protection and mobile RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) to fortify the defenses of B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2E (business-to-enterprise) mobile apps.

Use all features of the Blue Cedar Platform for FREE with as many mobile apps as you want. Blue Cedar is free to use until integrated or secured mobile apps are pushed to production. 

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