Data Loss

The proliferation of mobile apps empowers on-the-go productivity but raises critical concerns around safeguarding sensitive customer, employee, and company data. Robust app security is essential for effective data loss prevention (DLP).

Challenges and Solution
Securing Data in Apps is Tough

Preventing data loss on mobile devices poses significant challenges in today's interconnected world. Unsecured mobile devices are vulnerable to data loss or theft, exposing sensitive information. The risks intensify on public WiFi networks, where interception becomes a growing concern. Personal app vulnerabilities on these devices can inadvertently compromise corporate data, emphasizing the need for robust security measures. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend further amplifies these risks, underscoring the urgency for comprehensive strategies to safeguard data on mobile platforms.

Given the escalating risks, the significance of mobile app security in protecting data within mobile apps cannot be overstated. Effective data loss prevention (DLP) controls play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of sensitive information, amidst the mounting threats.

How Blue Cedar Helps
Prevents Unauthorized Access to Data

Blue Cedar provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to safeguard sensitive data within mobile apps and prevent unauthorized access or leakage.

Data Protection

Secure locally stored app data even if the device is compromised with device-independent AES-256 cryptography.

DLP Policies

Restrict access with cut/copy/paste prevention, privacy screen, and local authentication controls.

In-App VPN

Tunnel traffic from business apps through an encrypted channel. No visibility or control of data from personal apps.

App Hardening

Prevent data loss due to reverse engineering via techniques such as tamper detection and jailbreak/root detection.

with Blue Cedar

Blue Cedar provides a robust set of capabilities to safeguard data and prevent unauthorized access. This delivers significant advantages for securing sensitive information.

  • Comprehensive data protection. AES-256 encryption and TLS secures app data at rest and in transit. Remote wipe enables companies to remotely delete data from compromised devices.
  • Robust app protection. App hardening techniques prevent reverse engineering attempts on apps that lead to data loss.
  • Real-time monitoring. Runtime protections detect abnormal behaviors indicating potential data exfiltration attempts and can automatically block suspicious activities.
  • Automated integration of DLP controls. Blue Cedar Enhance automatically applies DLP controls, enabling companies to rapidly secure apps and bolster data protection.
With Blue Cedar, companies benefit from a comprehensive data security solution that proactively protects information. To learn more about safeguarding data with Blue Cedar, try it free today.