Use Cases

Blue Cedar’s technologies enable solutions for a variety of mobile app security and mobile DevSecOps use cases.

Ensure Device Integrity

Unsecured personal devices with inadequate controls and patching can expose proprietary apps and sensitive data to compromise. Enforcing app-level security policies maintains mobile app and data integrity regardless of vulnerabilities in the underlying personal device.

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Prevent Data Loss

The proliferation of mobile apps empowers on-the-go productivity but raises critical concerns around safeguarding sensitive customer, employee, and company data. Robust app security is essential for effective data loss prevention (DLP).

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Protect Intellectual Property

Mobile apps contain valuable intellectual (IP) property that is at risk from hacking, reverse engineering, and tampering. Implementing robust app hardening is crucial for protecting intellectual property in mobile apps.

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App Security

Ensure ongoing app protection without having to perform any further app management by adding Blue Cedar Enforce in-app multi-layer security to mobile apps. Configure static app security policies when embedding Blue Cedar Enforce into an app to get data and intellectual property (IP) protection that remains in effect without ever requiring that app to phone home.

Enhance for BlackBerry

Add BlackBerry security to mobile apps without having to write code. Use the Blue Cedar Enhance service to automate the addition of BlackBerry Dynamics mobile application management (MAM) and mobile app security, BlackBerry AppConfig, BlackBerry AppKinetics, BlackBerry Launcher, and BlackBerry Watermark to already compiled mobile apps.

Zero-Trust Access

Enable zero-trust access (ZTA) from mobile apps on any device, managed or unmanaged, and from any network, even when not connected to the corporate network. Embed Blue Cedar Connect clientless ZTA tech into apps to enable them to assess the trust level of mobile devices by correlating identity and posture information, and use this trust level to dynamically configure network access.

Secure Connectivity

Access corporate data in backend systems protected by firewalls by adding Blue Cedar Connect to mobile apps. Blue Cedar Connect is clientless technology that provides secure connectivity from mobile apps on managed and unmanaged mobile devices. With it, end users do not need to remember to turn a device-level VPN on and off or use a separate VPN client app. Plus, use of personal apps is not affected.

Security Automation

Add security capabilities to mobile apps without writing a line of code. Blue Cedar's unique Enhance services, available through the Blue Cedar Platform, make it easy to modify iOS and Android apps after development is complete. Automatically add Blue Cedar Enforce in-app security and Blue Cedar Connect zero-trust access. Or select app security and mobile application management (MAM) offered by UEM vendors such as BlackBerry and Microsoft.

Mobile DevSecOps

Automate post-development activities that must be performed on mobile apps to get them ready for end users. Extend the reach of your CI/CD pipelines by using one or more of services offered by the Blue Cedar Platform—from importing apps to adding app security and secure connectivity to pushing modified apps through distribution channels—to streamline the last mile of mobile app deployments.