Secure App Delivery
For Mobile

The Blue Cedar Platform enables secure delivery of mobile apps to address the challenges that companies with complex internal processes, high-security needs, and many mobile apps grapple with when deploying apps to end-users.

at Scale

Solve your app distribution challenges, regardless of the uniqueness of your deployment requirements, with the Blue Cedar Platform. Rapidly make mobile apps available to your end-users with workflow orchestration. Leverage automation of mobile app delivery tasks and integrations to your CI/CD pipelines, security tools, and mobile technology stack to streamline deployments and reduce overhead.

Workflow Builder

Create end-to-end workflows to perform any kind of mobile app deployment with the intuitive workflow builder and the catalog of available deployment steps. Codify the required sequence of deployment tasks into workflows to put an end to fragmented and inefficient mobile app deployments.

Deployment Services

Operationalize rote but necessary deployment tasks with basic services such as app signing and app distribution. Dramatically expand app modifications that can be performed after development is complete with advanced services such as the Blue Cedar Enhancement service.

Technology Integrations

Easily use your technology stack’s functionality in workflows with integrations that reduce the overhead of manually coordinating mobile app deployment tasks across multiple teams and complex toolchains. Import mobile apps from your CI/CD pipelines. Code sign iOS and Android apps. Distribute apps to enterprise app catalogs. Embed analytics, authentication, data loss prevention (DLP), file encryption, network access control, and trust assessment capabilities in mobile apps without having to write code.

Compliance Reporting & Rollbacks

Provides traceability and evidence of compliance with security policies and regulations through an unlimited history of automatically captured deployment data. Retention of mobile app versions means that you have rollback protection if a deployed app doesn’t function as expected. Drill into the deployment workflow history to find the last good version of a mobile app and re-deploy to your end-users.

Cloud Delivery

Execute deployments anytime, anywhere without the operational management costs associated with on-premises solutions. Address the most stringent U.S. government security and compliance requirements by selecting the option to use the Blue Cedar Platform on Amazon GovCloud.