Create self-protecting mobile apps with multi-layer defenses.

Blue Cedar mobile RASP and mobile data protection, delivered through an easy-to-consume DevSecOps platform, works with all mobile app development frameworks and programming languages.

Secure All Mobile Apps

Blue Cedar delivers mobile RASP (runtime application self-protection), device-independent mobile data protection, and zero-trust remote access. Use Blue Cedar to fortify the defenses of B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2E (business-to-enterprise) mobile apps for iOS and Android.


Mobile App Security

Create self-defending mobile apps. Blue Cedar Enforce in-app multi-layer security adds defenses beyond what mobile OS platforms alone offer. Capabilities such as mobile RASP (runtime application self-protection), data encryption, DLP (data loss prevention), SSO (single sign on) credential management, and authentication controls safeguard the runtime and app data.

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Zero Trust Access

Get more value from your security investments. Blue Cedar Connect clientless ZTA (zero-trust access) enables mobile apps to extend the reach of SASE solutions to unmanaged devices. Apps with Blue Cedar Connect route 100% of traffic through your network security solutions. Always ensure policy enforcement, even on traffic from ZTA-enabled apps on devices not connected to the corporate network.

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DevSecOps for Mobile

Streamline the last mile of mobile app deployment with a cloud-delivered DevSecOps platform built for mobile. The Blue Cedar Platform orchestrates the unique app release activities that are needed to succeed in the world of mobile.

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No-Code App Security

Automatically enhance already compiled apps to include Blue Cedar or third-party app security controls without writing any code.


Any Framework or Language

Support apps built with any mobile app development framework or programming language.


Easy Mobile Cl/CD

Codify workflows by stringing together tasks from a release activities library, such as no-code modification, signing, and distribution.