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The Blue Cedar platform automates the integration of critical policy compliance SDKs and programmable services into every mobile app that drives business value for your organization.


The high cost of manually coding mobile app integration.

Security. Performance Management. Analytics. QOS. These services ensure that critical business apps comply with security, usage & regulatory policies. But using code to integrate these services is slow and costly, requiring specialized skills. Then, constant change means constantly maintaining that code. With Blue Cedar, organizations realize real-world benefits from the mobile apps they develop or acquire, more quickly and at lower cost.

Mobile apps must deliver value —now.

Now there’s a better way to integrate these compliance-critical services into mobile apps—with the Blue Cedar Platform. The platform enables app owners, app developers, and providers of these compliance-critical services to configure and integrate these services into apps with ease—saving time, reducing costs, and increasing consistency.




Who Wants Blue Cedar?
App Development Teams that want to focus on creating critical core capability—but not on coding and babysitting tedious (but essential) updates to critical functional mobile app services.
App Owners
 App Owners and Business Units that want to realize the value of better-performing, easier-to-use apps, more quickly.
Independent Software Providers
Independent Software Providers that want to arm their customers with all these same advantages, while compressing sales cycles, facilitating customer adoption and use, and easing support loads.

Colgate-Palmolive is at the forefront of enterprise mobility, and as a customer, we appreciate innovations like the extended enterprise platform, which is designed to help us scale our mobile transformations globally and securely.

Jason Russo, Colage Palmolive