Intelligent Mobile App Security

Create self-defending mobile apps that unite into a resilient virtual mesh. Gain comprehensive global threat intelligence from real-time incident data. Seamlessly integrate with your security infrastructure for enhanced decision-making.


Multi-layer App Security

Use Blue Cedar Mobile App Security to bolster the defenses of any mobile app. With cutting-edge technologies such as RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection), app protection, and data security, Blue Cedar provides you with the confidence that your mobile apps are strengthened with the highest level of security at every layer.

  • Defend against emerging threats
  • Prevent reverse engineering
  • Safeguard sensitive information
  • Ensure compliance
  • Boost user trust
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Distributed Sensor Mesh

Deploy Blue Cedar-secured apps to establish a resilient virtual mesh, where each app transmits incident data to a centralized cloud platform for monitoring and analysis. With Blue Cedar, artificial intelligence (AI) provides unparalleled visibility into evolving risks, enhancing decision-making and threat mitigation strategies.

  • Aggregate data from various channels
  • Perform sophisticated AI analysis in the cloud
  • Execute local AI analysis on device
  • Identify app-specific vulnerabilities
  • Detect trends across multiple dimensions
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Fortify Company Defenses

Leverage Blue Cedar to enhance security company-wide on multiple fronts. With Blue Cedar, your company can effortlessly defend against the relentless evolution of cyber threats.

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Integrate via Open APIs

Harness posture data and analysis results within your security infrastructure to enhance decision making.


Secure Apps Without Coding

Enhance compiled apps, built with any framework or language, with security controls without writing any code.


Automate App Releases

Use cloud-based app deployment services like import, sign and distribute for streamlined app delivery.