Blue Cedar security is injected into your mobile apps. That makes mobile security easy to adopt, easy to manage, and available on any device.


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Any App
Any app

Secure only the apps that need it. It’s transparent to users and non-invasive to privacy.

Any Device
Any device

Security follows the app, so deploy it to any user on any device without the need for an agent.


Secure access to data no matter where it resides: on the device, in the data center, or in the cloud.


Stop mobile app abandonment.

Is your mobile security solution limiting mobile adoption?  Of course it is.  Nearly 65% of enterprise mobile apps get deleted or are under-utilized because of ease-of-use or privacy concerns.

 Blue Cedar security does what other security solutions can’t:  It stays out of the way.   Blue Cedar’s security is injected into individual apps, so users don’t even know it’s there.  No training.  No privacy worries.  Tap-and-go simplicity.


Accelerate mobile app delivery.

How much time do you spend securing, testing, and deploying apps?  We thought so.  With Blue Cedar, you don’t write any code or spend countless hours testing security for each individual app.  Just build your apps, secure them in minutes, and you’re ready to go.  No change to your SDLC or UAT process. It’s security that doesn’t slow you down.


Go ahead and BYOD.

Do you like the cost savings of BYOD, but can’t find a way to secure all those devices?  Skip the device security and embrace a BYOD policy with security that follows the app.  It doesn’t require installation of an agent or a container.   Just deploy the secured app to any user on any device.  It’s ok.  The app will take care of itself.  


Extend mobility to everyone.

Why should employees with company-owned devices get all the benefits of mobility?  Enable your contractors, franchisees, affiliates, and partners with secure access from mobile devices.  Blue Cedar security follows your apps to their devices, too.

Want to apply enterprise-grade, invisible security to your customers?  No problem.  Customer apps secured with Blue Cedar can be deployed to end users from consumer app stores.  You’re welcome.


Get future-ready, today.

Don’t get locked in to an architecture that limits your flexibility.  When choosing a mobile security strategy, make sure it gives your data the room to move around.  Apps secured with Blue Cedar can connect to data locations either on-premise or in the cloud.  Users won’t know the difference, and the data will be secure.


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[Blue Cedar] steps in and secures existing mobile apps, adding security to code where it was absent before.

Jason Bloomberg Forbes

I have been speaking to a number of very large enterprises that are in the process of deploying Blue Cedar, and they have all confirmed to me not only the uniqueness of the solution   but also that it works enormously well and at very large enterprise scale – easily well beyond 25,000 users.

Tony Rizzo Blue Hill Research


Technology from [Blue Cedar Networks] of San Francisco gives Zurich Insurance security where mobile apps can be accessed through single-sign on.

Jake O'Donnell Tech Target

Our take is that the company’s assessment that the area of “emerging endpoints” offers highly fertile ground for the growth of security solutions for years to come, is quite sound.

Mobile Cloud Era


"Blue Cedar has staked out a clear position that the app is also the logical endpoint that CISOs should protect."

Matt Recupito Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.


"Colgate-Palmolive is at the forefront of enterprise mobility, and as a customer, we appreciate innovations like the extended enterprise platform, which is designed to help us scale our mobile transformations globally and securely."

Jason Russo Colgate Palmolive

An App-Centric Approach to Mobile Security in Healthcare

An App-Centric Approach to Mobile Security in Healthcare

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