The App is the Endpoint

In today's era of user empowerment and perimeter-less organizations, the app has become the endpoint for establishing the security controls that protect your critical organizational apps and data. Blue Cedar Networks' Atlas platform can help you protect your assets and empower your users across your Extended Enterpriseemployees, and also partners, agents, resellers, distributors, allies, and all other non-employees who need access to your data.


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Harden Your Apps

The Atlas platform provides you with powerful app-hardening capabilities that allow you to apply strong and consistent security policies to your apps. You use a GUI to specify authentication, data protection, connectivity, and other policies, and the MAP (Mobile App Protection) Engine injects the corresponding security logic into your binaries.

You'd rather write code? No problem. Our SDK gives developers the ability to apply that same logic during development time.


Agentless Deployment

With Atlas' lifecycle management services, you get a feature-rich enterprise app store that allows all your end-users to quickly and easily get access to the apps they need. Our agentless approach eliminates any privacy concerns your end users may have, and creates a hassle-free deployment and enrollment experience for your IT organization.


Next Generation Secure Access

Atlas delivers revolutionary remote access capabilities that provide military-grade secure connectivity combined with consumer-grade UX, at the massive scale demanded by today's app-centric workforce. You can rest assured that rogue or malicious apps and users won't get anywhere near your data while legitimately authorized users enjoy fast and seamless access to what they need to keep business moving forward.


Consumer-Grade UX

Enrollment is a breeze with the Atlas platform. The first time a user tries to access a hardened app, they are walked through a simple set of in-app steps that transparently enroll the user based on known authentication factors such as their Active Directory credentials. 
Ongoing use is even easier. The Atlas platform's patent-pending capabilities give them "Tap 'n Go" access to their apps and an "Always On" experience that gives them the perception of being connected even as they traverse wi-fi to cellular networks and back over the course of their work day. 

Deep Usage Analytics

Business value is ultimately driven not by deployment or downloads, but by actual consumption and usage of your apps. Atlas uniquely gives you extremely detailed and rich insights into the particulars of whether or not, and which ones of your apps are being actively used. You can glean rich insights about who uses your apps most commonly, which apps are most popular, by which user, on which devices, and from which locations.

You can use these insights not only to demonstrate real ROI to your stakeholders, but also to apply lessons learned to gain increasing levels of returns from your app investments.

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[Atlas] steps in and wraps existing mobile apps, adding security to code where it was absent before.

Jason Bloomberg Forbes

I have been speaking to a number of very large enterprises that are in the process of deploying Atlas, and they have all confirmed to me not only the uniqueness of the appliance-based solution   but also that it works enormously well and at very large enterprise scale – easily well beyond 25,000 users.

Tony Rizzo Blue Hill Research


Technology from [Blue Cedar Networks] of San Francisco and its Atlas platform gives Zurich Insurance a container where mobile apps can be accessed through single-sign on.

Jake O'Donnell Tech Target

Our take is that the company’s assessment that the area of “emerging endpoints” offers highly fertile ground for the growth of security solutions for years to come, is quite sound.

Mobile Cloud Era


"With its Atlas platform, Blue Cedar Networks has staked out a clear position that the app is also the logical endpoint that CISOs should protect."

Matt Recupito Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.


"Colgate-Palmolive is at the forefront of enterprise mobility, and as a MAP customer, we appreciate innovations like the [Atlas] extended enterprise platform, which is designed to help us scale our mobile transformations globally and securely."

Jason Russo Colgate Palmolive

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Blue Cedar Selected for Momentum Partners’ Prestigious Cybersecurity Watch List

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