Intellectual Property

Mobile apps contain valuable intellectual (IP) property that is at risk from hacking, reverse engineering, and tampering. Implementing robust app hardening is crucial for protecting intellectual property in mobile apps.

Challenges and Solution
Protecting IP Is Difficult

While critical, hardening mobile apps introduces challenges around development, performance, and usability. Integrating runtime checks, jailbreak and root detection, and other advanced controls strains mobile dev teams. Some hardening techniques also degrade app speed and battery life if not optimized. Excessive hardening frustrates users with performance issues or limited functionality.

To balance security and experience, businesses need to apply hardening judiciously using solutions tailored to the mobile context. The right tools seamlessly integrate protections without overtaxing developers or users. Well-implemented hardening remains transparent yet robust.

How Blue Cedar Helps
Delivers Security to Hardens Apps

Blue Cedar provides multilayered mobile app protections to safeguard intellectual property and thwart unauthorized exposure. Businesses can customize Blue Cedar’s capabilities to suit their specific app hardening needs without compromising user experience. Configurable features include:

Tamper Detection

Prevents reverse engineering by detecting changes or manipulation to app code/data.

Jailbreak and Root Detection

Blocks access on compromised devices to maintain app integrity.

MitM Attack Prevention

Verifies server identities to stop data theft and manipulation.

Data Loss Prevention

Encrypts data and limits sharing between apps to prevent leakage of intellectual property.

Code Obfuscation

Makes a mobile app more difficult to understand while preserving its functionality.

with Blue Cedar

Blue Cedar delivers multiple advantages for fortifying the intellectual property within mobile apps.

  • Prevents IP Theft. Locks down app with anti-tamper and jailbreak/root detection.
  • Automates Hardening. Streamlines adding protections without extra coding via Blue Cedar Enhance.
  • Optimizes for Mobile. Ensures hardening doesn’t degrade performance or battery life.
  • Validates Compliance. Provides detailed reports to validate protections are working across devices.

With Blue Cedar, companies can confidently mobilize innovations without putting intellectual capital at risk. To learn more about protecting intellectual property, try Blue Cedar now.