Sensor Mesh

Harness the power of deployed mobile apps and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a resilient virtual sensor mesh that can offer unmatched visibility into emerging threats.


Mobile apps secured with Blue Cedar can serve as sensors, continuously transmitting posture data to the Blue Cedar Platform. Recorded data can encompass various dimensions, such as OS and version, jailbreak/root status, libraries and versions used in the app; app category, geolocation, user identifiers, and detection of security violations like app tampering, app executing in emulators/simulators or debuggers. Recorded data is normalized and accessible via open APIs.


Utilize AI-driven analytics to process posture data from mobile apps. Embed a local AI engine in each app for swift on-device analysis, facilitating rapid threat detection and response. Employ the Blue Cedar Platform for advanced cloud-based analysis, including trend identification, app-specific vulnerabilities, and anomaly detection, powered by self-learning AI models. Access the results through open APIs, empowering your organization with valuable insights to enhance security posture and response strategies.


Utilize Blue Cedar’s open APIs for seamless integration of aggregated data and analytics into your security framework, empowering your organization to refine its response tactics. For example, leverage Blue Cedar’s data to customize authentication criteria according to contextual cues, dynamically adjust access privileges based on user risk levels, and identify potential threats by detecting deviations from established user behavior patterns.