Blue Cedar Connect
Blue Cedar Connect

Connect In-App VPN by Blue Cedar

Blue Cedar Connect, an in-app VPN that is optimized for mobile environments, enables secure access to corporate data from mobile apps on unmanaged devices.
Ideal for
Unmanaged Devices
The in-app VPN connection orientation of Blue Cedar Connect works better for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments and unmanaged devices than a shared device-level VPN connection.
Ideal for BYOD
Segregate Business & Personal
Business & Personal
Traffic from different mobile apps that use Blue Cedar Connect are kept separate, and apps can’t exchange data. Blue Cedar Connect ensures that end users do not need to remember to turn the device-level VPN on and off or use a separate VPN client app—and the use of personal apps is not affected.
With Your VPN
Blue Cedar Connect works with the Blue Cedar Connect Gateway and third-party gateways to enable access to data behind the firewall from mobile apps.
Operate With Your VPN