Blue Cedar Connect provides zero-trust access from mobile apps and is ideal for BYOD environments and unmanaged devices.

Business & Personal

Embed Blue Cedar Connect into mobile apps to get in-app zero-trust connectivity and granular control over network traffic routing. Traffic from different mobile apps are kept separate, and apps can be prevented from exchanging data. Blue Cedar Connect ensures that end-users do not need to remember to turn the device-level VPN on and off or use a separate VPN client app—and the use of personal apps is not affected.

Support Key Standards

Blue Cedar Connect uses advanced encryption protocols and secure network connectivity techniques to provide secure access to firewalled data and protect privacy. Blue Cedar Connect supports popular authentication mechanisms and is compliant with connectivity requirements set by the government.

  • Protocols: IPSec, IKEv2, MOBIKE, DTLS, TLS 
  • Govt. Compliance: IPSec, IKEv2, FIPS
  • Network connectivity: Split tunneling, Proxy, ACL
  • Authentication: OAuth (Azure AD, Ping), X.509 Certificate

With Your VPN

Blue Cedar Connect works with existing VPN equipment, including Cisco ASA. For new installations, consider the Blue Cedar Connect Gateway.

Posture Data

Easily gather app and device posture data from unmanaged and managed devices. Mobile apps that have Blue Cedar Connect provide posture information such as OS version, jailbreak/root detection, or device screen lock.


Rapidly identify users of apps or endpoints by federating identity with Azure Active Directory, Ping, or the Blue Cedar Platform. Use a variety of authentication mechanisms, including OAuth, certificates, or username and password.

Without Coding

Use the Blue Cedar Enhance service to add Blue Cedar Connect clientless ZTA (zero-trust access) to mobile apps without writing a line of code.