Mobile Apps Without Coding

Blue Cedar's unique enhance service uses no-code integration technology to add new capabilities to mobile apps without writing a line of code. Configure Blue Cedar Enhance to add your choice of security controls.



Enhance for Blue Cedar Enforce

Configure Enhance to add Blue Cedar Enforce runtime and data protections. Enable mobile RASP with anti-debugging, anti-hooking, anti-tamper, emulator & simulator detection, jailbreak/root detection, and MitM attack detection. Protect data with encryption, DLP, SSO credential management, and authentication controls.

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Enhance for Blue Cedar Connect

Configure the Enhance service to add Blue Cedar Connect clientless ZTA (zero-trust access) to a mobile app and extend the reach of SASE solutions to unmanaged devices.

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Enhance for BlackBerry

Configure Enhance to add BlackBerry Dynamics app security to mobile apps, and enable those apps to be manageable by BlackBerry UEM

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Enhance for Microsoft

Configure Enhance to add Microsoft Intune app protection and Microsoft authentication and enable apps to be manageable by Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

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Broad Functionality, Extensible Architecture

Embed analytics, authentication, botnet protection, data loss prevention (DLP), file encryption, network access control, and trust assessment capabilities in five minutes or less without needing app source code or developer assistance. An extensible architecture makes it easy to add no-code support for new functionality for any kind of third-party SDK.

Modify Any App

Use patented no-code integration technology to rapidly scan tens of thousands of API calls in mobile apps to find points in the code where new capabilities can be integrated into compiled mobile apps. API interception technology has visibility from the app to the network layer and ensures that new functionality can be added even when there are incompatibilities between the frameworks used for SDKs and mobile apps.