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Integrate Mobile Apps Fast- with no need to write or maintain code.

The Blue Cedar No-Code Mobile App Integration Platform helps organizations and software developers quickly and effectively automate the integration of essential services into mobile, IoT, and other edge apps—without integration coding.

Now you can get apps into end users’ hands weeks, even months sooner—and keep them technology-current with ease. With the Blue Cedar Platform, you select, configure, and integrate essential services—no coding required. Here’s how it works: 

1. Upload
Upload any executable mobile app binary to the Blue Cedar Integration Platform as a Service.
2. Scan
Scan based on the requirements of the selected Integrator Accelerator, the Platform performs a deep scan of the binary, identifying all development stacks and frameworks used in the binary relevant to the SDK or service Integration Accelerator your organization uses. The scan also checks for compatibility and any potential conflicts between the binary and the Integration Accelerator.  Then the scan presents configuration options via an intuitive administration interface. 
3. Integrate
Via the platform’s self-service administration interface, teams select and configure the required services with ease. Then, using proprietary, patented declarative integration, the Blue Cedar Platform integrates the selected services into the mobile app.
4. Sign
Next, the Blue Cedar Platform allows teams to digitally sign the app binary to be DRM (Digital Rights Management) compliant, enabling the apps to be ready for distribution from enterprise and public app stores.


5. Download
The mobile app binary is now fully integrated—optimally, at each appropriate stack level, despite ongoing environmental change. The app team simply downloads the new binary and distributes it via normal channels.