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The leading no-code mobile app security integration platform that secures and accelerates mobile app deployment for enterprises and government organizations around the world.

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Secure Mobile Apps With One Click

Enabling mobile app security for ISV and custom apps is as easy as a single click. Get effective Mobile Application Management (MAM) with zero coding or DevSecOps resources.

Simply upload an app to the platform, select your preferred in-app security policies, and click to generate a secured app. Speed up app development cycles with automated integration.

Blue Cedar Platform Flow

Choose Your Mobile App Security

Inject your preferred app-level security controls into mobile apps without coding.

Accelerate integration of Microsoft Intune or BlackBerry Dynamics and embed security SDKs from these vendors directly into your apps. Or, choose Blue Cedar's own Secure Edge to secure your apps with one click.

Enable App Innovations enable_app_innovations_mobile

Focus on Innovation

Free up developer time for important app innovation by eliminating tedious manual security integrations.

Automatically intercept tens of thousands of APIs and eliminate security flaws introduced as part of the manual integration process. Now your developers are free to do what they do best — make brilliant apps.

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Integrate Your Way

Enable your developers with their preferred frameworks, including

Android Studio
SQL Lite
React Native
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