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Mobile App Deployments
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Use Case
Use the Blue Cedar Platform to put an end to fragmented and inefficient mobile app deployments. Deceptively simple yet powerful workflow orchestration by a value stream management platform for mobile seamlessly coordinates tasks across technologies and enhances cross-team collaboration.


Build end-to-end workflows to perform any kind of mobile app deployment, using a predefined catalog of available steps. Execute simple or complex workflows for mobile app portfolios of any size. Ensure successful deployment by enforcing the sequences of deployment tasks required by each workflow.
Orchestrate Deployments
Extend Existing Workflows
Use functionality from your existing technology stack in deployment workflows through pre-built technology integrations with DevOps tools. Import mobile apps from your CI/CD pipeline, scan apps for vulnerabilities, code sign iOS and Android apps, distribute apps to public app stores or enterprise app catalogs, and more. Add device-independent encryption, app-level security controls, authentication, or behind-the-firewall access capabilities without having to write code or rely on developers.
Automatic capture of all deployment data provides detailed visibility into all aspects of your workflows, and enables optimizations based on value stream metrics. See the number of times each workflow has been executed, the versions of the mobile app to which it has been applied, the users involved, the execution timing of each app delivery task, the deployment services that were called, and more. View a complete history of deployment artifacts, such as vulnerability reports generated during app scanning and the modified versions of mobile apps generated by deployment workflows.
Total Transparency
Ensure Continuity
Retention of mobile app versions means that you have rollback protection if a deployed app doesn’t function as expected. Drill into the deployment workflow history to find the last good version of a mobile app and re-deploy to your end users.