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How Blue Cedar Accelerates the Mobile App Lifecycle

Blue Cedar automates the integration of key services that iOS and Android apps need. 

The Blue Cedar Mobile App Integration Platform uses service- and SDK-specific Integrator Modules to automatically integrate these services into mobile apps. There’s no integration code to write or maintain. It can work with any  SDK. Automated mobile app integration saves time, cuts development costs, enhances consistency, enables core-function focus, and speeds user adoption.

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Blue Cedar Enforce is used by hundreds of organizations to automate the integration of encryption, authentication and a range of other security measures into mobile apps. Features include military-grade security and powerful protection for data in transit to enterprise resources—all quickly and easily configured and integrated into mobile apps using the Blue Cedar No-Code Mobile App Integration.

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Blue Cedar BlackBerry Integration enables organizations to quickly and easily realize the value of the Blackberry Dynamics Mobility Suite. Organizations use the Blue Cedar No-Code Mobile App Integration Platform to rapidly configure and deploy BlackBerry Dynamics—and keep pace with ongoing change—without the need to write or maintain integration code.


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