Enhance Mobile Apps
for Microsoft

Automatically modify already compiled mobile apps to include Microsoft Intune app protection policies, Azure Active Directory authentication, and secure connectivity without writing any code.

App Security

Enhance mobile apps to be manageable by Microsoft Endpoint Manager with the Blue Cedar Enhance service. Augment mobile app authentication flows by adding Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL). Enable mobile app security and mobile app management (MAM) by adding Microsoft Intune SDKs. Allow Intune-enabled mobile apps to connect to your remote access infrastructure by adding Blue Cedar Connect. All without writing a single line of code.
App Security
Secure Connectivity

Secure Connectivity

Choose to include Blue Cedar Connect when configuring the Blue Cedar Enhance service to create Microsoft Intune-enabled mobile apps that can access firewalled resources from any device, managed or not, without the need for a separate remote-access client.

Use Any
Framework or Language

The Blue Cedar Enhance service modifies already compiled mobile apps developed with any mobile app development framework or programming language. This is made possible by patented API interception technology that rapidly scans tens of thousands of API calls in a mobile app’s code, from the app layer to the network layer, to find points where new functionality can be added to already compiled iOS and Android mobile apps. This unique technology ensures that new functionality can be added even when there are incompatibilities between the frameworks used for SDKs and mobile apps.
Any Framework or Language
Extend CI/CD to Mobile

Extend CI/CD
to Mobile

Streamline the last mile of mobile app deployment by using the Blue Cedar Enhance service along with other Blue Cedar Platform services. The Blue Cedar Platform provides a library of unique release tasks, which are needed to succeed in the world of mobile, to access these services. Use the library to create workflows that integrate with your CI/CD pipelines, security tools, and mobile technology stack and reduce the overhead of manually coordinating mobile app deployment tasks across multiple teams and complex toolchains.