A Significant Milestone

John Aisien | Mar 19, 2019

Today, we announced a significant milestone in the growth of Blue Cedar - the completion of our series B financing. This milestone, for me, is a manifestation of market validation of our vision and strategy, and a source of significant incremental resources to catalyze the evolution of mobile as a first class compute platform in the enterprise. I want to thank the Blue Cedar team for all the hard work and tangible achievements that made this event a reality.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve accomplished so much, including:

I very much celebrate the ongoing dedication by those here at Blue Cedar, and those of our other stakeholders.

This financing milestone will enable us to further enhance our technology platform, deepen existing partnerships and establish new ones, all while expanding our market reach. With the expertise and equity capital from our investors, we are poised to foster the creation of a new category that will ultimately become a fast-emerging subset of the high growth enterprise mobile application security market.

In addition to full participation from our current investors - Sway Ventures, Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV), Generation Ventures and Grayhawk Capital, we are very excited to have added C5 Capital to our investor syndicate, and to our Board of Directors.

C5 Capital invests in companies that enable enterprises to generate more value from their data - securely and at scale. I’m thrilled that Daniel Freeman, C5 Capital Managing Partner, will join Blue Cedar’s Board of Directors. I invite you to read Daniel’s blog where he outlines why he’s excited about helping Blue Cedar capitalize on our market opportunity.

This is a very exciting time for our company. We are laser-focused on helping enterprises uncover the real business benefits of mobile, by confidently developing and driving adoption of rich apps that drive transformational improvements in their business. To support this, we are laser-focused on providing organizations with a frictionless way of making sure such apps continuously comply with internal security policies & external regulation, by providing them with a best-in-class platform for no code security integration.

The only way to make this happen is to remove the hurdles - hurdles like manual & continuous coding of security controls into apps, long cycles between app availability & rollout, and the increasing scarcity of skilled security developers. As Gartner points out, by 2020, at least 50 percent of all new IT line-of-business applications will be created with Rapid Application Development tool sets - tools that are low or no code. Blue Cedar will be there at the front of this trend, enabling a rapid and dynamic move to true adoption of mobile as a compute platform for enterprises.

In the coming months we will be making additional announcements that showcase our commitment, vision & focus on execution in this nascent & exciting market. Stay tuned to the Blue Cedar blog for more news and company milestones to be announced soon.

I am excited about the possibilities and opportunities in front of us. We are at a tipping point in the market and I believe that Blue Cedar will be instrumental in helping enterprises move closer to realizing the benefits of mobile computing. We have the right team, at the right time, with the right technology. We will enable companies to get their high-value & increasingly high-fidelity apps into end users’ hands more securely, much sooner, all while helping them with their transformation to a mobile enterprise.


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