Use Blue Cedar to add management and security to your Pega mobile apps, without the need to write code

John Aisien | Mar 6, 2023

Blue Cedar, a mobile application security provider, and Pega, a leading provider of intelligent automation software, recently signed a partnership agreement that provides Pega customers with the ability to enhance their Pega mobile apps with additional security and management controls. This partnership is a powerful combination that offers numerous benefits to companies using Pega that are seeking to optimize their processes for deploying self-protecting Pega mobile apps to their end users. Customers are invited to sign up to try all features of Blue Cedar for free.

  • No-Code Security Integration. Blue Cedar is a pioneer in no-code integration of security and other controls into compiled mobile app binaries. Blue Cedar Enhance is Blue Cedar’s no-code security integration service that adds security to mobile apps without requiring a single line of code to be written. Blue Cedar Enhance can be used to add Blue Cedar Mobile App Security to mobile apps generated by Pega’s mobile build server. Blue Cedar Enhance can also be used to add management and security controls from third-party vendors such as BlackBerry and Microsoft into iOS and Android mobile app binaries, regardless of the libraries and frameworks that underpin these app binaries. 

  • Multi-Level App Security. Blue Cedar’s mobile application security provides multiple layers of security to comprehensively protect mobile apps from the inside out. With Blue Cedar Mobile App Security, companies can add advanced security features such as mobile RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) data encryption, DLP (Data Loss Prevention), authentication and secure connectivity. This enables companies to protect their sensitive data from cyber threats, while safeguarding their users' privacy.

  • Improve Mobile App User Experience. By using Pega's platform, companies can create mobile apps that are user-friendly and offer a seamless user experience. Pega's low-code platform enables companies to create personalized and context-aware mobile apps that can adapt to users' needs, preferences, and behavior. By adding Blue Cedar's app security or security and management from third-party vendors to these apps, companies can build incremental trust with their end users, improve overall user satisfaction and ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

  • Simplify Deployment of Secured Apps. With Pega's low-code development platform, companies can easily build and deploy mobile apps without the need for extensive coding knowledge or technical expertise. Pega's platform provides a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for developers to create mobile apps quickly. Blue Cedar provides technologies to streamline the release activities necessary to get secured versions of these Pega-generated mobile apps to users. In addition to the Blue Cedar Enhance service, Blue Cedar also provides DevSecOps services to import apps from CI/CD pipelines, sign and distribute apps, and a Workflow Builder that is used to automate the last mile of mobile app deployments, by stringing together Enhance and DevSecOps Services.

  • Rapid Digital Transformation. This partnership between Blue Cedar and Pega enables companies to rapidly traverse a digital transformation journey. By using Pega's low-code platform and Blue Cedar's no-code integration service and mobile app security, companies can create secured mobile apps that enhance productivity, streamline processes, and improve customer engagement. This can lead to significant cost savings, increased revenue, and a competitive edge in the market.

Companies using the Pega low-code platform can try all features of Blue Cedar AT NO CHARGE for as many mobile apps as you want. No setup is needed as Blue Cedar is cloud delivered, and no commercial subscription is needed to the Blue Cedar service until Blue Cedar-enhanced apps are pushed to production end users. Signup to experience how easy Blue Cedar makes it to add security and management to apps generated by the Pega Mobile.




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