Blue Cedar Awarded 2019 BlackBerry ISV Innovation Award

Nikfar Khaleeli | Oct 2, 2019

Yesterday at the 2019 BlackBerry World Tour in London, BlackBerry awarded Blue Cedar the 2019 ISV Innovation Award. This award honors Blue Cedar for the excellent technology execution of the Blue Cedar Accelerator for Blackberry. Blue Cedar Accelerator for Blackberry embeds BlackBerry Dynamics, BlackBerry Analytics and BlackBerry AppConfig into corporate-authored and custom-fitted third party mobile apps. The BlackBerry ISV Innovation Award recognizes excellence in collaboration within the BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program.

BlackBerry is actively pursuing app integration to create a more agile, versatile and secure integration process for its customers. As a BlackBerry partner, we’re honored to be recognized as an innovative company, making it possible to enable enterprise customers with flexibility and ease to deploy app-level security and management. The integration of Blue Cedar’s app integration platform and the BlackBerry Dynamics SDKs delivers a simple, fast, no-code solution to secure apps with the military-grade cryptography and enterprise-level controls delivered by Blackberry Dynamics. Blue Cedar technology eliminates the need for manually coding security into mobile apps, saving you time, money and developer resources.

At BlackBerry World Tour London, we learned of the latest innovations BlackBerry is pursuing and how they are continuing to push the boundaries of mobile security and enterprise application initiatives. Some key takeaways for us were:

  • Blackberry sees AI as the future of security on mobile and other edge devices
  • The Cylance technology will be a big part of BlackBerry’s strategy to secure the connected car
  • App-level threat detection is the next frontier for security

We look forward to continuing our partnership with BlackBerry and enhancing the technical integrations so that their customers can rapidly adopt BlackBerry’s security innovations in mobile apps without doing any manual coding. 

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