Blue Cedar Redefines Enterprise Mobility Management

Chris Ford | May 3, 2017

New Solution Moves Enterprise Mobile Security from Device to the App

SAN FRANCISCO, May 3, 2017 – Blue Cedar today redefined enterprise mobility management (EMM) with a new release of its highly acclaimed mobile security platform, which can extend or completely replace traditional EMM solutions to provide secure mobile data access for all enterprise mobile end users, employees, external partners and customers. The new release extends Blue Cedar’s enterprise offering with enhanced functionality and robustness to create a mobile device management (MDM) alternative that secures access to mobile data without having to manage devices, and boosts mobile adoption by eliminating the usability, privacy and other constraints that have plagued traditional, device-centric EMM solutions.

“Blue Cedar has had great success in offering enterprises a fast yet simple way to supplement traditional MDM solutions by delivering secure mobile access to their high-value data for every user,” said Chris Ford, chief product officer at Blue Cedar. “With the new platform release, Blue Cedar has significantly broadened its market with the first viable alternative to traditional MDM, enabling businesses to use it as the primary solution for securing mobile data access for all knowledge workers across the enterprise.”

Because the Blue Cedar solution secures only the enterprise mobile app and not the device, or the device-resident container, the company is able to deliver superior security controls without impacting end users’ productivity or privacy requirements. Using enterprise apps secured by Blue Cedar on any device is as easy and intuitive as using the myriad of consumer mobile apps that users have become accustomed to. The Blue Cedar security controls are baked into the apps, and do not impose any unnatural burdens that hinder app usage for the end user.

“The MedStar Institute for Innovation chose Blue Cedar as the platform on which to build a mobile app that contains protected patient information and that could be run by clinicians on their own personal mobile devices,” said Mark Smith, MD, chief innovation officer of MedStar Health, the largest healthcare provider in the Maryland and Washington, DC region. "We were looking for the simultaneous fulfillment of two critical design specs: rigorous security and rapid access. The solution had to act heavy but feel light, i.e. be transparent to the busy clinicians who cannot spend even seconds navigating layers of controls that create user friction and discourages use, which in turn can impede early diagnosis and immediate treatment. The Blue Cedar platform met our design criteria to a T.”

The Blue Cedar platform also meets the needs of enterprise IT and security professionals.  It provides consistent, granular security controls to all mobile apps — native, hybrid and web — and makes it easy to ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations without writing any security code, and with no data storage concerns.  Enterprises can move to a future-proof architecture that is ready to support next-generation endpoints like wearables and IoT, and be well positioned for securing access to data residing in public or private cloud-based storage.

The new platform features innovative capabilities and enhancements to ensure it can meet the requirements of forward-thinking organizations’ architecture for enterprise mobility, including:

  • Distribution of secured apps via public app stores like Apple iTunes and Google Play, providing customers with alternatives to enterprise app stores and opening the door to future enhancements for securing enterprise consumer-facing apps;
  • Support for a broader range of development frameworks, including Microsoft Xamarin, and additional functionality to ensure compatibility with any native, hybrid or web-based enterprise mobile app;
  • Mobile app trust functionality that enables sharing of security policies across trusted apps on a device to streamline authentication and control data sharing among these apps, without the need for an EMM container; and
  • Support for encryption of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) traffic for mobile apps that enable real-time communications.

“This release marks a significant milestone for Blue Cedar as it represents the culmination of a remarkable year-long development effort to broaden the applicability of our platform. The result is that we are now able to offer the Blue Cedar platform to enterprise customers as a destination mobile security solution,” said Ford. “Additionally, our Blue Cedar platform continues to provide enterprises with an ideal solution for expanding their existing EMM footprint with the ability to incorporate support for additional use cases, such as secure apps on unmanaged devices, security and connectivity for VOIP-based apps and enforcement of granular controls for HTTP-based apps.”

The new Blue Cedar platform will be featured in its first public demonstration at the NH-ISAC 2017 Masters of Deception Summit, May 8-10 in Orlando, Florida, booth number 13.

Availability and Pricing

The Blue Cedar platform, version 3.14, is available now. Please contact for additional product and pricing information.

About Blue Cedar

Blue Cedar transforms enterprise mobile security with the industry’s most innovative mobile app security solution. Blue Cedar protects mobile apps and their data, with security following the app everywhere it is used. Enterprises gain robust, consistent protection across their employees’ and partners’ mobile devices—whether managed or unmanaged—without the cost, complexity or risk associated with securing individual devices. Users access apps and data without friction or impact to their private personal data. Blue Cedar sets the enterprise free to conduct business safely anywhere. The company is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco. For information about Blue Cedar, visit

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