The Arrival of Our Highly Anticipated Microsoft Accelerator

Nikfar Khaleeli | Nov 13, 2019

Microsoft's focus on mobile was further demonstrated last week when the company announced that it had combined its ConfigMgr and Intune services that allow enterprises to manage corporate devices under the Endpoint Manager brand. The news proves the company is putting a ton of weight behind Intune to expand into superior mobile management.

Blue Cedar is thrilled to be a part of that vision and today announced the availability of our highly anticipated product — the Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft. The accelerator plays an integral role in accelerating mobile application adoption by automating the integration of Microsoft Intune security controls into enterprise mobile applications. Intune is Microsoft's Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that enables enterprises to remotely manage a diverse mobile ecosystem of devices and applications, while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance. 

The Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft was developed in partnership with Microsoft, and allows Microsoft 365 customers to securely expand their mobile initiatives. “Blue Cedar’s innovative technology provides Microsoft’s enterprise customers with strong integration of Microsoft Intune app security controls,” said Peter Orenberg, Principal Program Management Lead at Microsoft. “With Blue Cedar’s no code integration, enterprise customers are able to easily extend the scope of Intune-managed mobile apps to encompass critical line of business apps that drive the highest value business outcomes.”

Features such as single sign-on (SSO) and in-app VPN provide a seamless experience secured by the Microsoft Intune's state-of-the-art security controls. Blue Cedar’s Accelerator for Microsoft automates integration of Microsoft security controls into corporate line of business apps, without the need for manual coding. 

With our latest accelerator to the market, enterprise DevOps teams will be empowered with:

  • No-Code Integration: Enabling Intune app protection policies for custom apps or third-party ISV apps is simple: upload an app to the Blue Cedar platform, select the Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft, and click to integrate. Save time on app releases and on every update that follows.
  • Single Sign-On: Improve end user experience by embedding Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication Libraries (ADAL) for a single sign-on (SSO) experience that authenticates in the cloud or on-premises.
  • In-App Connectivity:  Empower end users with the data they need through an in-app VPN that enables secure access to firewalled resources, without requiring device enrollment.
  • The Freedom to Develop Your Way: Because the Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft works with any app framework, your team is free to develop however they are most productive. DevOps teams benefit from increased productivity and get more time for what really matters: building innovative apps. 

How does it work? 

The Blue Cedar Accelerator for Microsoft gives enterprises the ability to confidently scale their mobile program quickly and securely. It does so by building on the native capabilities of Intune in two important ways: 

  1. Automating the integration and maintenance of Intune security control updates into the mobile app landscape; and
  2. Providing the means for Intune-managed mobile apps to securely access network-protected data.

By accelerating Intune-managed app adoption with Blue Cedar’s Accelerator for Microsoft, enterprises will be able to accelerate necessary mobile app lifecycle management and give end users secure access to the resources they need. Blue Cedar’s no-code technology makes it easier than ever to scale corporate mobile programs securely, even on unenrolled devices. Our team at Blue Cedar is proud to partner with a trusted name like Microsoft to deliver a solution that will advance the adoption of Intune and power organizations’ critical mobile initiatives. 

“Integrating security into mobile applications is complex and tedious, and it distracts developers from their key role in delivering innovation,” said John Aisien, CEO of Blue Cedar. “By decreasing time spent on integration of Microsoft security controls, organizations will be able to speed mobile app adoption, while benefiting from Microsoft’s proven security. We’re proud to work with Microsoft to deliver these solution enhancers that advance the adoption of Intune and power large organizations’ business-critical mobile initiatives.”

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