Mobile App Security

Use Blue Cedar Mobile App Security to solve your zero-trust network access (ZTNA), secure connectivity, and mobile application management (MAM) challenges. Use Blue Cedar Mobile App Security stand alone or to augment other security solutions, such as SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) deployments


Zero-Trust Network Access

Enable ZTNA from managed or unmanaged endpoints with Blue Cedar Trust and Blue Cedar Connect. Blue Cedar Trust assesses the trust level at endpoints or mobile apps by correlating identity and posture information. This trust level is used to dynamically configure network access through Blue Cedar Connect.

Secure Connectivity

Access corporate data in backend systems protected by a firewall with Blue Cedar Connect, which provides secure connectivity from managed and unmanaged devices. With Blue Cedar Connect, end users do not need to remember to turn a device-level VPN on and off or use a separate VPN client app. Plus,use of personal apps is not affected.

Mobile App Management

Apply dynamic MAM and give IT control over corporate data in mobile apps on unmanaged and managed devices by using Blue Cedar Enforce and Blue Cedar Connect. Use Blue Cedar Enforce for app-level security controls and data protection and Blue Cedar Connect for network access configuration.

App Protection

Ensure ongoing app protection without having to perform any further app management with Blue Cedar Enforce. Configure static app security policies through Blue Cedar Enforce for data and intellectual property (IP) protection that remains in effect without ever requiring a mobile app to phone home.


Flexible Consumption

Flexible Consumption

Managed Devices.

Deploy the Blue Cedar device client to provide secure connectivity and ZTNA controls. Distribute the device client through UEM (unified endpoint management) solutions or make it available through public app stores.

Unmanaged Devices.

Use Blue Cedar Enhance Services or the Blue Cedar Enhance SDKs to embed one or more Blue Cedar Mobile App Security in-app engines in mobile apps. Distribute these enhanced apps through public app stores to enable companies with MAM, and app-level secure connectivity and ZTNA controls on devices they cannot control.

Trust Continuously

Trust Continuously

Identity and posture information at endpoints is correlated to provide a trust level. Deploy the Blue Cedar device client for device-level trust assessment. Or use the Enhance with Blue Cedar Trust service to enable a mobile app with the ability to perform app-level trust assessment.

Federate identity with Azure Active Directory, Ping or the Blue Cedar Platform. Authenticate using OAuth, certificates, or username and password. Capture posture information including OS version, jailbroken/rooted device detection, and presence of device screen lock.

Connect Securely

Connect Securely

Enable secure network access from mobile apps on unmanaged or managed devices with Blue Cedar Connect. Use it standalone as a mobile-optimized VPN to seamlessly access firewalled data. Unleash its full capabilities by using it with Blue Cedar Trust to create a complete ZTNA solution for the mobile edge.

Get in-app secure connectivity by embedding Blue Cedar Connect into mobile apps when mobile device management (MDM) is not an option. Deploy the Blue Cedar device client, which includes Blue Cedar Connect, for secure connectivity from devices with MDM. Blue Cedar Connect works with existing VPN equipment, including Cisco ASA and Microsoft Tunnel. For new installations, consider the Blue Cedar Connect Gateway.

Enforce App Protection

Enforce App Protection

Protect corporate data in mobile apps on managed or unmanaged endpoints by enabling IT with the ability to enforce device-independent file encryption, and data loss prevention and local app authentication policies. Use the Enhance with Blue Cedar Enforce service to embed these security controls in a mobile app and enable end users with the freedom to be productive on any device.