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Integrate BlackBerry Dynamics SDKs and other BlackBerry SDKs into Mobile Apps—in minutes, not months.

Secure corporate mobile apps by automating the integration of BlackBerry Dynamics SDK into any corporate mobile app, with no need to write or maintain integration code.

The Blue Cedar Integration Accelerator for Blackberry is invaluable to organizations that want to focus on delivering critically needed mobile apps—without requiring specialized developer resources to  integrate SDKs into mobile applications. 

Integrating the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK into a mobile app can involve weeks or months of manual integration coding and testing that’s time-consuming to perform, expensive to execute and maintain, and is dependent on access to increasingly scarce skilled security developers.


Now there's a better way.

Now there’s a better way. Developed in collaboration with BlackBerry, the Blue Cedar Integration Accelerator for BlackBerry enables mobile app owners, software, operations, security and other teams—even those who aren’t trained developers—to bring all the critical mobile capabilities of the BlackBerry Dynamics SDKs for the Apple iOS & Google Android operating systems, to any mobile app in minutes, with no integration code to write, and none to maintain.

Implemented on the intuitive, easy-to-use Blue Cedar Mobile App Integration Platform, the Blue Cedar Integration Accelerator for BlackBerry :

  • Catalyzes the delivery of secure corporate mobile apps for BlackBerry customers and partners at significantly lower costs & elapsed time than alternative manual coding approaches
  • Supports essential BlackBerry Dynamics SDK functions —provisioning, compliance, lock/wipe, data at rest and in transit encryption and more—in any iOS or Android corporate mobile app, all deployed in a consistent, repeatable process
  • Rapidly prepares mobile apps for enterprise management—by BlackBerry UEM—even when there’s no access to mobile app source code
  • Ensures seamless connectivity through the secure BlackBerry Network Operations Center (NOC) or Proxy. Easily keep pace with technology advances as the SDKs evolve—with no need to write integration code
  • Automates the addition of further protections into corporate mobile apps, including checks for OS version, jailbreak/root conditions and more
  • Supports the broadest range of mobile app development frameworks, data storage & transfer architectures & operating systems, given the uniquely deep – layer 3 – orientation at which Blue Cedar intercepts function calls within mobile apps, and integrates necessary control functions

The Blue Cedar Integration Accelerator for BlackBerry is a foundational solution for future mobile & edge computing innovation between Blue Cedar and BlackBerry.

For more information, please contact blackberry@bluecedar.com.