A note from John Aisien, CEO

John Aisien | Apr 30, 2019

Coming rapidly on the heels of our Series B financing announcement last month, today we announced another key milestone on the path to full realization of our corporate vision - our strategic partnership with BlackBerry.

Like BlackBerry, we are passionate about helping organizations across highly regulated industries, like financial services, healthcare and government, to improve their business performance and enhance execution, using corporate mobile applications to become digital-forward organizations. But for such organizations, compliance with extra stringent security guidelines and mandates, of the sort enabled by BlackBerry’s Dynamics platform are a prerequisite, not a nice to have.

The availability of the Blue Cedar Accelerator for BlackBerry, via BlackBerry’s global sales force and channel partners, makes it incredibly easy for such organizations to scale this security hurdle rate, using BlackBerry’s world-renowned security controls.

Development teams can now create BlackBerry Dynamics-enabled mobile apps without manually changing source code or manually adding libraries. It’s simple - and it saves substantial development time and costs. One of our joint customers with BlackBerry historically spent over 25% of their mobile app developers’ time on manual, and continuous security SDK integration into their corporate mobile apps. We are thrilled to have partnered with BlackBerry to apply innovative computer science, and our focused execution in this specific domain, to provide the power of automation to this & other customers, fully supported by BlackBerry. 

Software is indeed eating the world. Every daily interaction that I have with our customers, partners & market influencers further validates this increasingly powerful reality. We are very early in the use of powerful software that executes intelligent processing on edge devices like mobile, bringing such intelligence to the point of end user interaction, with all the attendant benefits that this architecture enables. Working with world-class companies like BlackBerry on easing the integration of necessary security controls into such software is a key milestone on the path towards helping businesses fully harness the power of modern mobile devices (supercomputers, really) as first class enterprise compute platforms.


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