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Embed Microsoft Intune, BlackBerry Dynamics or Blue Cedar's in-app VPN into critical mobile apps without coding

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Secure Remote Work: A Top Priority

During this time of unprecedented social distancing, enabling secure remote work is a top priority for organizations. Mobile apps help meet this need, but introduce new challenges: businesses need the app-level controls provided by their chosen unified endpoint management (UEM) vendor but those aren’t consistently available across custom and third-party ISV apps. This creates a dilemma for IT:

How can the organization quickly roll out critical business apps while meeting security, governance, and compliance needs?

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Any Organization Can Rapidly Scale Remote Work

Anyone, including citizen-developers, can use Blue Cedar to embed app controls without coding. Simply upload an iOS or Android app binary to the Blue Cedar cloud platform. Then, select from our offering of security controls including: Microsoft Intune, Azure ADAL, BlackBerry Dynamics or Blue Cedar’s in-app VPN client, and click to integrate. No need to access the source code or perform development work. With Blue Cedar, what used to take weeks or more is accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Blue Cedar empowers organizations to quickly enable employees to perform their jobs remotely with the least amount of disruption.

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Workflow Orchestration: Security with Convenience

Blue Cedar automates the post-development tasks needed to ensure that apps have the enterprise mobility management (EMM) controls that organizations require. Compliance-sensitive organizations across industries, including finance, government and healthcare utilize the Blue Cedar platform to save time and reduce costs. Without automation, this time-consuming process typically slows deployment and drains resources. With Blue Cedar, IT can quickly and easily support end users with secured apps, wherever employees are.

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